listen listen, it’s my heart crying like riddles breaking free.  metaphors that carry me away  like a boat floating out to sea. 
unreachable  you can’t come close  your touch too searing hot to my skin.  don’t hurt me  get away no one, nothing, nobody is allowed in. 
I float here...breathing  The water rocks me a lullaby.  the darkness envelops me, my eyes close on the night sky. 
you can call to me from the shore if you so dare to want.  and sometimes i will hear you  and sometimes I just won’t. 
because your words are nice  they sing a fine tune, but i’ve heard them before  and they robbed my heart of room.  
maybe your song can be new  full of sincerity and truth,  maybe loyalty will be your voice  and maybe I’ll believe you. 
Yes it is so much effort  For one to require of you I am too much work! Oh yes, I believe this too! 
So better that you just leave me be  Let me drift far far out to sea;  To be swallowed by the metaphors 
That keep afloat the capsized soul of me. 



I eat words like cheerios
pop one in then another, chew the letters then swallow


and feel.

If they are sad they sink into my stomach and create a hurricane there
I am ##sick## and ache awhile

If they are love they climb into my heart
and make a home there

I am full of ^^warmth^^ and smile

And yet sleep comes and they are absorbed into my blood s—-t—-r—-e—-a—-m,
traveling through my veins @ night.

so that when I WAKE UP, I wonder, how did they escape?

Will they be gone long?
Will they come back?
Will they never stay?

Why did they run     A      w       a      Y ?


Love Is


I Need...


I Miss You


You Remind Me


Thank You

Jehovah, you are truly kind! You are so very GOOD. You come to me with open arms As a loving father would.
The expansion of the heavens The expansion of LOVE leads to the expansion of my heart towards you, My God above.
Things still unexplained Some I don't understand Yet I know that I trust you most to keep holding my hand.
I will turn away from this doubt, reach quickly towards FAITH, And do my best to not forget The ransom and what it paid.
I do have value. Your eyes, watchful with care, tell me that you always see me even when I am unaware.
Here are my hands, my feet, and my heart. I give them all to you. None of me belongs to me That has not first needed to belong to you.
I give you all of me I entrust my very soul To the person I am most confident Will never let me go.
Thank you, Jehovah Thank you for the life you give. For it gives me the chance To have something to praise you with.