Words In The Wind

she climbed up and up into the beautiful darkness  letting it swallow her whole, to the edge of someplace  that her soul would not rest until she relented to go. 
the echo could be heard for miles  As the wind carried words along  from tree top to mountain peak, And then floating in upon a coming tide  they landed in the ear and rested in the heart  of whom the words did seek
A simple question full of longing  And soft like a cooing dove  She cupped a hand to her mouth and whispered,
“Are you still there, my love?”



I have confidence That you mean to keep  each promise you have made; That you will walk through this life With happy thoughts Of the foundation we have laid 
For yes we have known Only the merest touch of Kindness a friendship filled with care.  We have created memories  of love and a covenant  with shouts of joy in the air. 
But more than that so much more I surely know; You will always look up first To worship and adore our God Wherever you will go. 
And for my part I give to Him  all of my soul.  I will do my part  To aid in His will Let it have full control. 
With you working so earnestly To give your very best.  I cheer you on, You know I do! And while from here  I try to give my all I can count on you, too!
How we love our Father so As we let him help us grow We shine, You and me! And the blessings that will flow I cannot wait for us to fully know And for all that will be!

My love is High Tide

Who am I? What am I worth?  Anything at all?
Because what I see and what I hear in the silence 
is this...
“You were once someone special In the moment, and at that time  Like a vacation on the beach Beautiful in its moment, but temporary”
Why must love come so full force and then move past and keep going Why does it not want to stop here and live Why does it not stay?
When I looked at you  When I loved you  My heart was imprinted with permanence  So that I am still looking at you I am still loving you.  I am still, still... even still. 
It does not deflate like a balloon it does not wither like a dying flower It does not fade like the light in the evening  and it does not flee like low tide 
For my love is always high tide  Increasing in depth and fullness and strength; And it does not know if it’s equally reciprocated  Regardless, it keeps growing. 
I have learned the definition of true love.  I give for the simple reason of giving.  I may not merit reciprocation. That is not the point.  You may not merit my undyi…


hay tantas palabras,  sentimientos,  momentos  que quiero recordar,  decir,  gritar al universo  que me ayude por favor  suplicar  no, mejor que me ayude  respirar,  para poder explicar,  intentar explicar  todo lo que siento  y que tanto siento muy adentro de mi.  tan profundo que se esconde  pero no tan escondido  porque aqui está en plena vista  para todo el mundo...  y lo que sale de mi boca  son cosas que tienen muy poco que ver  con la certeza  de algo  que nunca nunca,  ay mi Dios,  tengo miedo  que nunca,  se me va ir.


excuse me as I come on through with a drawstring bag  I have started a special collection, see, of important things I have 
one day I may not have them, see, for life is so changing and the way things flip and flop and are always rearranging 
so I walk around and people speak and tell me where they've been  and I grab for feelings and memories too and place them all in
my journey is a long one as I've come to meet so many All that has been shared with me, my bag with pieces aplenty 
And then my darling I met you with a world of magic in every day and my heart cried out to want to know you in every single way
so I searched high and low and found the deepest bag I could  and I laughed because if I was able I'd put you all in, I would
So instead I ask one after another, questions that give me some part of pieces and sections of feelings of memories stored within ur heart 
and i am eager and relentless and overwhelming it is true as a beggar I come asking that it is filled with so much of yo…

1 Samuel 20:30

How do I beg you not to leave me
When it is I who must walk away?

True and Strong

True and Strong I used to think I loved you, but I was so very wrong.  I knew not a thing about real love; and it's taken me this long. 
To realize what it really means, and how it can get so strong.  How it can be there through it all between us all along. 
We can't forget about it, or neglect it.  We must cultivate it, and protect it. 
and it's reward is a friendship  and a love that to only  you and me will belong.