I Miss You


You Remind Me


Thank You

Jehovah, you are truly kind! You are so very GOOD. You come to me with open arms As a loving father would.
The expansion of the heavens The expansion of LOVE leads to the expansion of my heart towards you, My God above.
Things still unexplained Some I don't understand Yet I know that I trust you most to keep holding my hand.
I will turn away from this doubt, reach quickly towards FAITH, And do my best to not forget The ransom and what it paid.
I do have value. Your eyes, watchful with care, tell me that you always see me even when I am unaware.
Here are my hands, my feet, and my heart. I give them all to you. None of me belongs to me That has not first needed to belong to you.
I give you all of me I entrust my very soul To the person I am most confident Will never let me go.
Thank you, Jehovah Thank you for the life you give. For it gives me the chance To have something to praise you with.


You remind me


Words In The Wind

she climbed up and up into the beautiful darkness  letting it swallow her whole, to the edge of someplace  that her soul would not rest until she relented to go. 
the echo could be heard for miles  As the wind carried words along  from tree top to mountain peak, And then floating in upon a coming tide  they landed in the ear and rested in the heart  of whom the words did seek
A simple question full of longing  And soft like a cooing dove  She cupped a hand to her mouth and whispered,
“Are you still there, my love?”



I have confidence That you mean to keep  each promise you have made; That you will walk through this life With happy thoughts Of the foundation we have laid 
For yes we have known Only the merest touch of Kindness a friendship filled with care.  We have created memories  of love and a covenant  with shouts of joy in the air. 
But more than that so much more I surely know; You will always look up first To worship and adore our God Wherever you will go. 
And for my part I give to Him  all of my soul.  I will do my part  To aid in His will Let it have full control. 
With you working so earnestly To give your very best.  I cheer you on, You know I do! And while from here  I try to give my all I can count on you, too!
How we love our Father so As we let him help us grow We shine, You and me! And the blessings that will flow I cannot wait for us to fully know And for all that will be!

My love is High Tide

Who am I? What am I worth?  Anything at all?
Because what I see and what I hear in the silence 
is this...
“You were once someone special In the moment, and at that time  Like a vacation on the beach Beautiful in its moment, but temporary”
Why must love come so full force and then move past and keep going Why does it not want to stop here and live Why does it not stay?
When I looked at you  When I loved you  My heart was imprinted with permanence  So that I am still looking at you I am still loving you.  I am still, still... even still. 
It does not deflate like a balloon it does not wither like a dying flower It does not fade like the light in the evening  and it does not flee like low tide 
For my love is always high tide