The Sunlight Poured In

Tears spilled over
Anxiety racked my throat
my breaths coming
in high racing gulps

"I can't stop. I can't stop."
were my thoughts.

Then you came back
and hugged me close,
And finally I could
let it go.

And you came back
You came back. for me.

And the sunlight poured in.


You Are a Book

You are a book
someone may take off the shelf.

Know that if
you are taken down and perused,
If your pages are touched
and a finger traces your letters with care,
each page tenderly turned,
eyes glued to each word,
if you are brought close to them
so they can drink in your scent deeply,
and you change them,
and even if they, with love,
appreciate your story with sighs,
they may always, still,
when done,
place you right back on the shelf.

You are s t i l l a beautiful story.




You need not worry.
Yes, I can walk away.
You will not be bothered.
There is nothing you need say.

When I look at your face
and find emptiness on that day,
I will absolutely turn
and quickly walk away.

Knowing that your gates are closed
And won't even dare to be kind,
That your eyes won't have a smile
and instead silence will rule your mind.

Sure, yes, I'll walk away
Because no one need know about,
Folding to the ground to retch,
hoping my heart, too, tumbles out,
So that I can be just as numb
Without any worry and any doubt.

Yes you can be sure,
Consider it already done.
I will walk away and finally,
you can have me gone.



Who are you?
Where is my friend?
The kindness,
The joy in the nearness,
The simple love and ease. 
It has all evaporated.
All that is left
are awkward laughs
and shifted eyes,
complicated energy,
        n        T    
      A   x  I a    y.



Give me your hand  let us go  Never will I leave  you alone. 
We’ll stand the storm hand in hand  and stick our bare feet  in wet sand. 
You’ll play guitar and I will sing  And we’ll smile at whatever life will bring. 
Who says we  must be afraid  Of cloudy skies  and a little rain?
Time will pass  And you will heal Can you trust  that you are loved still?
Some things will bend and some will break  and some seem made to give us heartache. 
But one true thing  no one can take, Here is my heart

The Dance

How we danced

Swung me around
and then dipped me
underneath the
big oak tree
said 1,2,3, and a 1,2,3

Exchanged our smiles
and hugs for free
And gifted kisses
that tasted sweet
It was 1,2, then it was 3

My heart and yours
were electricity,
Boom-boom, boom-boom
Boom-boom, they beat
To the rhythm of 1,2,3

How we loved 
in 1...2...3...


Leaves & Promises

All the words came and went, like leaves on a breeze  slow, then quick; They could not be caught  my efforts spent, I wanted only to be sure they existed then. 
Were they brown or gold or red with yellow tint? Goodness! My memory! What was it again? Did they land somewhere safe and unbent; and when they first fell with all their intent,  did they plan to carry away all that was meant?
Should I pretend I never saw  leavesbursting of colors of Fall surround me and promise me  to never and always and all?
If I stumble upon them  in all their colorful dedication, shall I just crush and stomp them  beyond any recognition?
Can words spouted  in seeming sincerity  die, as they travel further away; and does the heart that throws leaves all around, want to erase all that they say?