The Unknown

The fear is in me
like a fist to the gut
the fear to try something new

So much anxiety
swirling in my head
about what I can and can't do.

How long can one
hide behind the skirts of their mother
before they have to come out and say hello?

How long can someone
stay isolated from a world
that is always calling in a bellow?

Why can't I stay hidden
in this world that I am used to?
Why must I be forced
to live a life I'm afraid may never do?

Not afraid of the end
or the start of things,
only all that is inside
inside and in between.

The challenges one must overcome
the experiences one must face.
The troubles that will only bring strength
to those who run the race.

Shall I slip on my running shoes,
Dust off my bike,
and come out from where I hide?
Shall I stretch at the runner's mark,
or grip the handle bars
and take this world for a ride?

How will I do?
Does one ever know?
Is one ever not afraid?
Must one always go?