Rescuing me is what you do
At times when my life is dangerously low
Forever it seems I'll need you
Always to treasure & love & care for me so.
Even when times are incredible
Living them with you helps me grow.

Acute to all the wonderful
New ways to cherish eachother,
That you've shown me in a way
Only you could ever.
Never believing I'd have a love so
Indefinitely everlasting and true,
Or that such affection that comes in abundance could all flow so easily from you.

Questions arise
Undoubtedly so, as to why
Inside I feel so beautiful,
Next to you peering in your eyes, you
Tell me all there is to know.
All there is that matters to me, being
Near to you for eternity.
In love with you in
Love with us;
Living our lives so happily
And praying to God for just enough joys & tears & spirituality.