New Day


Peaceful is my mind.
Content is my heart.
I have a deeper inner feeling,
For where I am to start.

I pray for this feeling
To last all of my days;
And when night time comes around
To feel the exact same way.

Love is at home
Waiting for my return.
Truth is in the Bible I hold.
God's word that I do yearn.

Spirit and motivation have come
To lie upon my feet;
To get me going, to keep me going
To spread the word; To teach.

Happiness rests inside my heart.
A smile tugs at my lips.
I am complete as a woman today.
I'm taking it all in, in sips.

The man that holds my hand,
He kisses my wounds that heal;
For my past is leaving me deeply scarred,
And my negativity is relapsing still.

But the God I do worship, Jehovah my God.
Oh, how he does take care of me.
He's tender, compassionate, never does he change,
And helps me to become the person I need to be.

Some people do disappoint,
And some times are sad;
But they are only some of the time,
For the rest are truly glad.

Sweet revelation! Here's to growing up!
Here's to comfort all those who feel
They should have given up.
Oh no, hold your head up high;
See the sun shining through.
The storm is passing; Just sprinkles now,
And there's a rainbow waiting just for you!