People move to the beat
Of days flowing by
Never wondering if just maybe
They could be truly happy.

Numbness sets in the mind
Dullness to the eye
The heart turns just slightly cold
Smiling so insincerely.

Oh Wake up!
People of this modern time.
Don't you know there is more to life
Then earning yourself a dime?

Someone works all day
He gets home late at night
Meetings ran late it seems
And the children are already in bed.

Sliding in the covers of a bed
Next to someone who holds her tears back with a fight.
He missed something important it seems.
Something so mistakenly left unsaid.

Oh, do wake up, you people!
That live to work each day and night.
Can't you see what you are truly missing
Is what is most important in life?

Come home early and
Spend time with your family.
Teach your children morals,
So that they will actually have them.

Reassure their hearts
When they look at you questioningly,
That you do really love and
Truly do care what happens to them.

Wake up you dazed and confused!
And reevaluate your top priority
Because the time you waste
Will march on and eventually cease to be.
And then, well, then it will be too late, you see.