Autumn Love Spell

leaves crunch beneath my toes
and breeze whispers in my ear,
i think of how much better it'd be
with you beside me, here.

i wrap my arms around the trunk
of the tallest brown Oak tree,
and think of the day you
will come, to embrace me.

i gaze up at the sky
that brightens in purple and pink,
i watch the horizon
for when the sun will start to sink.

i lay upon the grass and feel
the earth between my fingers,
and the thought of your hand in mine
seeps, oh yes, it lingers.

it is evening time now
and the cicadas begin to hum,
the fireflies start to dance
the wonder of the night has come.

"Raise your eyes high up and see,
who has created these things?"
the words of Isaiah float around in my thoughts
and my heart swells and sings.

i can close my eyes
as the night envelops me fully,
as it pulls me softly into it's cool atmosphere
and hypnotizes me cruelly.

i lay there upon the ground
dreaming, for my eyes are closed,
every little care, drifting away, drowned
and then i must have dozed.

something in my hair
and a light brush upon the cheek,
oh what a dream i feel
oh too much of you i seek.

my eyes flutter open
you are silhouetted beside me,
the moon reflected in your eyes
you, with my heart in my throat, are all i see.

the small smile upon your lips
the assurance that you were right,
to have shown up here next to me
on such a glorious blissful night.

to my left now there is a warmth;
attraction flowing between us two,
but we both just lie, feeling everything all at once
on a night that was just perfected by you...