Blinded Of the Obvious

Just stop and take a look at me,
And tell me that your eyes don't see,
The reason that I still be,
Standing here before you.

Just finally looking into my eyes,
And admit that it is no surprise,
That what you're feeling aren't lies,
And that you really, really want me.

Just quit shaking your head no,
And just give up and let me know,
That your heart does love me so,
And beg forgiveness from me.

Just finally take hold of my hand,
Instead of pushing away in demand,
And tell me just where we stand,
But in doing so, whisper it in my ear.

Just listen to your heart and mind,
And allow yourself to become love blind,
And let me not have to remind
you how much you care.

I am standing, just standing,
Right in front of you,
But you seem to stare right through.
Must I slap you into reality,
To convince you how much this means to me?

Look at me, Love, look at us and
Think deeply about what you have been missing.
Look at my yearning eyes and
My lips that you could instead be kissing!

Realize that I've been here,
Waiting for such a long, long time.
Just waiting for your answer and,
Waiting to know that you'll be mine.

Many would say you are fortunate
That I have not tired and left.
Open your eyes, because it's still not too late,
For me to leave just yet.

So grab me in your arms,
Because you know you want to,
And convince me you were worth the wait,
And that I finally have you.

Why must you seem so unsure?
And being so, making me now so insecure?

So whether it be yes or
Whether it be no,
Please tell me now so that I can stay,
or at last, get up and go.


July 1999