Break Away

Break away and run
to a cliff far somewhere
to keep the shelter from shattering
and leaving my skin bare

gravel upon the ground
flying in all directions
my heels kicking up dust
racing against my reflections
groping for freedom
against solitudes of my mind
and breathing for air
from memories of another time
choking and gasping
slipping on slick pavement of life
tripping and falling
to a void of dence darkness and strife
break away break away
my heart beats
break away break away
my mind repeats
sweat falls and tears follow
shoulders are balancing the world
the cloud above rushes time
and it darkens and storms upon this girl
Stop. I am halted.
Before me stands a friend.
Can this one be trusted?
My eyes won't let them in.
break away break away
from negativity
break away break away
it will steal all naivety
finding that corner on the edge
of a mountain in another space
where love reigns and noone lives
but me.
where letting down is vacant
and the mirror shows only my face
and all i have ever known is to
just be.
fighting with injustice and love
understanding is refusing to come
but really all this chaos and trouble?
Girl, what are you running from?

Copyright2009: @{LesNSpired----