A Buried Past

A certain silence screams
and I am dumb to the sound;
the curve of enthusiasm past
is no where to be found.

Numbness settles in my mind
where adventure used to lie;
and the peace that hovered above
has been shattered across my sky.

A memory quite forgotten
times of another far off place
have come to bring their fear
quite disturbingly in my face.

Oh go away you stupid recollections!
I buried you all long ago.
How do you come to surface once again?
All this damage you do! Yes, you know!

It is pulling me under.
It is pushing me around.
It is forcing me to look at it
and deal with unsolid ground.

Just let me go.
Others have done so.
I have come to accept this so very well.
Now it wants to hold on.
Others now want to know.
And I just want to disappear so that I can never tell.

So that I can go on in blissful oblivion and believe I never fell...