Caught in the Rain

Sit here to think of something truly heartbreaking
Only you know of what I mean,
Only you know the beating I'm taking
Only you know, for you have seen.

Something so sad, yet inevitable.
It sits there, it knows I must come to know it.
It laughs, I believe it mocks me
For I will very much live it.

It's a cloud, dark and gloomy
Hanging over my head hanging over my hands.
It's rain pouring in a waterfall
Falling over my eyes, filling over with tears.

It takes my hands and leads me
To the eye of its hurricane.
It pushes me into a storm of grief
And it let's go like others I know...

I sit to think of something so sad
Only you know too well.
For the feelings that make one feel so bad
Your eyes they start to tell,

Of a time when they may have shown bright
But oh, that time is so vague and long ago.
Come, these hands of mine are held out to you now
Trust me for they will not let you go.

You sit to ponder on times so hard.
Something you just can't seem to brush away.
Believe me, I know, I know, I do,
Just let me, try me, I dare you to,

Let me be your friend today.