Crazy Circumstance

How many times
Can I dream about you
To face the fact
That something dear is missing?

How many situations must arise
Where I feel I need your opinion
Before I admit I feel lost?

If I could just meet you somewhere
Someplace and sometime
To discuss what all went wrong
To bring out the truth

Because somewhere in your mind and heart
And somewhere in mine
There lies a misunderstanding so deep
That it's built a wall between us

So many things I don't quite see why
So many reasons left unexplained
Why you acted in such a way
Why you said nothing and turned away... from me.

My mind practically chides me for feeling so forlorn
It warns, "You're better this way."
My heart feels abandoned and fearful and longing
For the friendship it proudly held with you

Where are those days of completeness?
The days where happened what happened
I could turn and know how you felt.
It reassured me, completed me, and gave me reason.

Now it's so different
Crazy circumstances brought us here,
To this point, this angering, senseless point!
Where I must believe I have never known you at all!

Oh, my heart how it aches to meet you all over again!
Oh, my eyes how they fill to change change change it now!

I am in a dark place searching for answers to
Why things must turn out this way,
But nothing is pulling me out to light
Nothing is presenting me the reasons why.

So I go on for I can't just stop
My legs carry me to continue through life
My mind works, and thinks of it all, but the one thing
That my heart carries brokenly deep in the insides; it cradles it.
A time when our friendship blossomed and trusted and laughed and cried...




  1. hey is this about what I think it is?

    All of these poems are awesome...Kelsey says she's very jealous.

    Do you have a book that is comprised of these poems? If not, you need to...even get them all published in one...Love you.

  2. Awwww!!! Thanks man!
    Yes it is about what you think it is... I actually wrote this right after all that happened... a few years ago...
    I'm putting all my poems in a word file to try and make a book of these on my own. To publish is expensive though it would be very awesome but I thought maybe I could try and create my own book and distribute copies to my family...


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