Dangerous Dare

You said “Leave”
And the word echoed in a million different ways
Hammering and piercing
And cutting through the quarrel and war

My mouth stopped short
My own words hanging dry
My arms still in the silence
I felt I had not heard you right

My mind went to a place
Far in the distance, a corner of my earth
And I curled up in tight fists
And refused to face any truth

Slowly I heard it again
Though you did not repeat yourself
This time it came slyly with meaning
Catching my heart by surprise

I blinked once
I blinked again
And you just simply stared
My eyes questioned you while they welled
In anger and frustration
You stood there as if I dared.

You said “Leave”
I finally just breathed “Ok…”
And your eyes opened wide watching those words
Follow me screaming as I turned away.

Copyright2009: @{LesNSpired----