Encounter With You & Happiness


the moon is smiling
deeply at me
i think it's a bit relieved
to see me this happy.

for how many times
has it looked down,
to find this girl
sunken in a frown?

How many times has it shared
a view with the stars,
in scenes of terror
that have left pain and scars?

how many times
has it come to find,
tears falling like rain over broken dreams
that would never bind?

the moon, only a witness
to what i never had,
now has an eyeful
of the reasons i'm so glad.

it's sky, by evening
is in all shades of pink,
it's blushing too, at the thought of you
that is what i think.

it shares with me the pleasure
of hearing your words,
and can clearly see what you've done;
for, times of ache i endured,
the times where no one else heard,
have drifted away to the sun...

oh yes, for they have gone.