Give Happiness A Chance

When blackness seems to surround
The hope you once held on to;
There is always a small glimmer of light
That gives you one last bit of truth.

When the rest of the world
Seems to hate what you've become;
There always seems to be one hand
That comes in to encourage you some.

When all your mind can think of
Is the sad and tiresome time;
There always seems to be a brief moment
That will skip gleefully through your mind.

When all else seems so futile
When your worth feels so small;
Look to those, for that, for it
That can catch you while you fall.

It could be a friend that hangs on the sidelines
But who will be quickly beside you during tough times.
It could be a memory that refuses to budge from thought
Of a time laughter filled your throat and happiness was caught.
It could be just your faith, your God that carries you through
That gives you inner peace when nothing else will do...

Give something a chance when you feel nothing deserves it.
Give yourself a chance to be happy again.
Hang on to what will make you whole and bring you back to life.
And you will be thankful of how what was once so bleak will change then.