My Friend, The Wanderer

Woah! What happened here?
Were did you come from?
I was sitting in my peaceful life
And then, here you come.

Nicely planted in my garden
I'm now uprooted and surprised
Wow, you are really here
In front of my disbelieving eyes.

A trail of laughter follows behind you
A rainbow marks your steps
Fire-works sparkle above your head
And sweet honey from your lips.

You, your person, your being,
Your very dear soul,
Brings life anew to everyone you meet
And takes it away from everyone you let go.

I laugh content to see you here now
I bask in the warmth of your glow.
My eyes are so very bright and sparkle,
But they are not deceived. They know.

I dance inside, I waltz with your words
The promises that are so ideal,
I swing my arms open to take them to heart,
And sigh, "If only they were real!"

Then you see me with my smile
Knowing I have not trusted in your charade
But your mind skips and is sorrowful only a second
Then forgets again any promises made.

You look around for escape.
Where will the wind blow you now?
You're skipping away, then remember me and turn back,
But I am already settling down.

Then you understand that I understand
That you're a drifting tide.
That no matter how you, love, sing, and laugh, and dance
You will leave and run and hide.

But I have real life before me now
Filled with security, commitment, and real love.
And I chose not to go with you long ago,
For to me these roots I've settled into rise far above.

Farewell wonderful wanderer,
may you brighten another's day.
But may they learn that the wonder you give
Will in the end again and again, be taken away...



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