I am nothing and I do nothing...
Then what am I here for?
I am walking air, invisible to you
until what I do is too wrong to ignore.

I am non-existent, an irritant
until i stumble in your way.
Then i am mess and disappointment
and then i must know it's not okay.

My efforts, oh, how I try
they go so unnoticed... why do i try?
My heart it beats silently
though it's body at times would rather die.

Then there would be an excuse for no praise,
an excuse for no love.
Then it would not care to be here nor there
nor have anything to prove.

Glad you see all that you do.
You whistle as you pat your own back.
How much would it hurt you to turn around
and not notice so much all that i lack?

How much would it take out of you
to notice the good in me?
to let me know what exactly it is
that makes me at all worthy...

If I am at all worthy.
If my person is able and kind.
If I am important to you,
and why being worthless is not the way I am designed.

If in fact you do feel that way
why is it so easy to ignore?
I am nothing and I do nothing.
Oh, then tell me what am I here for?