Why did you glance at me at all
if it was only, and merely a glance?
If it meant not a thing
to see my heart start to sing,
Why did you look at me at all?

Why did you smile at me from anywhere
if it was only just a smile?
If what I assumed because
was something that never was,
Why did you smile at me from anywhere?

Why did you stand so beside me
if you were only just standing?
If you cared not how I did melt,
nor how much I had felt,
Why did you stand so, so close beside me?

How dare you breath softly down my neck
simply because you must breath!
And expect not a feeling,
not one that is so reeling,
that is overwhelming the insides of me.

Curse you for looking at me at all!
Curse you for smiling at me as I fall!
Curse you and the presence of your stand,
and your wicked breathing, and where it just had to land!

How careless you have been.
How so very foolish of me
to have made such a deal
of something so unreal.
To have believed more of your chivalry.

Step back, Sir, and leave me here.
Let me weep alone.
To have been so cavalier
So careless and insincere,
A greater man, better he would have known.

January 2000