You Learn

I find that wishing for you,
doesn't make you come.
I find that hoping you'll be
doesn't make you the one.

I realize that reading my mind
is something impossible for you.
I realize that no one knows
exactly what they should do.

I see now that supposing alone
will not let you know how I feel,
And I see now that just wanting it to be
does not make this real.

For it involves so much more than that;
an effort vigorous and strong.
It involves dedication
to avoid what could make it wrong.

It takes courage, but humility
to keep a relationship steadfast,
And it takes giving and accepting
to make the simple things last.

It is you and I
with realism and maturity,
that must toss rose-colored glasses away.
Speak, when want to be heard
is something I have learned,
Something that'll bring you nearer to me each day...

(...because hard it is
that my heart must make do,
with being so far
apart from you...)


December 2001