Looking For

I'm searching -
Searching for the look in your eyes I once saw
That told me without speaking that I was all
All you needed in this life
All that completed you and happiness.

Im looking -
Intensely for the words you once used
To express such deep dovotion that refused
Refused to let my doubt linger
Refused to allow me to caution any of this.

Im waiting -
Waiting for a move that erases my worry
To confirm the small hope that I'm being silly
Silly to think your eyes have grown dim
Silly to believe you mean nothing in your kiss.

Im breaking -
Breaking for I do see it now
The look, the feel that confirms just how
How my presense is being taken for granted
and how my absence you would not miss.

Im lost -
Lost to where I go from here,
to see it now, it's so clear!
Clear how I am no longer enough,
So Clear how I must go and confront what this is.