Okay to Need

Tell me a tale
Of a heroine so true
Who fought off the terrors
Who knew what to do.

Sing me a song
Of a beauty who rode
Her horse to the ends of the earth
To find her eternal abode.

Whistle the tune of a bird
Who could fly to the top
Of the tallest evergreen.
To roost in her haven
In peace and liberty;
To look out upon a sea.

Confidence is acquired
By what one will do,
And simply thinking of courage
Will not cause it to be true.

I could fight a mighty battle
With terrors of insecurities.
I may ride away in victory
Atop a stallion to a home.
To finally rest, with peace of mind
High above the atrocities;
To gaze out at the deep deep ocean
and realize, suddenly... that I'm alone.

No, Someone to help me fight
The ghosts that rage inside,
Someone to steer the mare
As I hold on for the ride.

Someone to set my wings
On tight and just right,
Someone to fly beside
In this determined plight.

And to finally find a home
With the gentleness of the sea,
and oh, how much more the pleasure,
To have you share it with me.

(To need someone is okay;
You are not less of a being to feel so.
To want someone to stay,
and to never, ever let you go...)

April 3, 2002