Wish Me Well (With Poem Out Loud)

There is a life that is awaiting me.
It's called my name since I was a child.
Perfectly it rang clear as a bell.
I did not have to correct it.
"No, it's pronounced..."
No, because it knew me.
It knows me.

It knows that it is a purpose
that fits my reason, my soul, my joy.
It used to reach me from a far off place. I would hear it in the distance.
I'd incline my ear and I was certain of a future with it.

Now, It comes and it stares me in the face.
So near yet still an inch from my finger tips.

It was teasing me these years. It played upon my hopes.

It is no longer calling. It is speaking to me as if it is you and I. 
It is friendly and comfortable. Is it real now?
I think it is soon that I must live it.
I think I will burst. 
Wish me well.

Poem Out Loud: Wish me Well

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