How Did You Know?

How did you know
I had never seen it?
When I looked so hard for it
and wanted badly to explore it,
this is my very first time
to view it as all mine.
How did you know?

How did you know
I never heard it?
That try as I might
to force my ears to wait,
Nothing came soft and sweet,
Only what I knew to hate.
How did you know?

How did you know
I never felt it?
That as much as I 
danced and sang and
wrote everything and still
no one would even tap me with it.
How did you know?

How did you know
I've never been here before?
That I tried with all of my heart
to fly away from the bitter dark;
And still I was never taken 
anywhere as good as this.
How did you know?

Copyright 2011:@{LesNspired---

Photo: I think the look in this girls eyes was perfect for want I wanted to convey In this poem. A time when they had seen a lot and trusted no one and were still uncertain. How could anyone not know?


  1. Not sure what it's about, but for me it conveys my feelings of when I was searching for the truth. I was praying to God to show me the right church and longing for the right church constantly, and when the Witnesses knocked on my door that same week, I felt like in this poem, "How did you know God?" How did you know where to find me? At that time I was in bitter darkness too and nothing sounded as good as the sweet words of a wonderful hope for the future that I was hearing that day. Down to this day, I still feel there is no place as good as being here in Jehovah's organization. I"m sure my eyes at that time looked like hers, because I was in a dark place and very unhappy at that time. Great poem!! Maybe you can tell me what it means for you.

  2. @ Anonymous:
    Wow KR That is awesome! You showed me how my own words could fit your personal experience. I completely understand how it feels now to learn the truth after a life of being without it. Thanks for that.
    Personally I had viewed as any state of happiness and love however it was brought and by whom ever kindly brought it to you after such a long time of hardship.
    For me it meant an unselfish love from someone, no matter how I doubted it for so long, would finally show me that I deserve it and I deserve to keep it.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!


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