You Are Strength ... to k.r.

you are a tree
you've grounded your roots deep in your faith,
you've stretched out to those all around you in love,
you are a comforting break from a windstorm,
and your sunshine comes from somewhere high above

you are a tree
attempted to uproot you, but your faith kept you steady,
attempted to seclude you, but your love had become so intense,
attempted to discourage you, but your comfort had grown tenfold already,
and attempted to throw you in darkness, but oh, silly illness,
the sunshine you receive is resistant to any challenge however immense!

you are a tree
there are storms, there are winds
there is the changing of seasons...
you may find yourself stripped and bare
for there are plenty of reasons

but you are a tree
a pillar of towering strength
no matter how inside you may feel.
the love for your God, for us, for life,
it endears us to you - your endurance is real!

Copyright 2012:@{LesNspired---


  1. Oh my, this made me cry. (Good cry) Thank you so much for this beautiful poem! I love it so much. It touched me deeply and answered some questions I have been wondering about and praying about. Wow, I thanked Jehovah. Thank you so much!! I will keep it forever. :) You have truly encouraged me.

    1. Thank you, @Kathriv. It matters alot that you like it. Thanks so much for commenting on it. I am truly happy it could be of some encouragement at this difficult time. Luv u! :)

  2. this is great lesr. really nice :)


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