May 28, 2013



I felt the sting of the slap;
The tears, they ran down my own face,
When in her blinking eyes
I saw fear leave it’s unspoken trace.

The pushes made me fumble;
The yelling caused me also to recoil from you;
I flinched from ugly words spitting out
 That hurt worse than fists do.

You didn’t grab me
Or push me aside.
But when you did it to her
I was along for the ride.

When I was unsure
How you hurt her or if you did
I only had to look into her face
At feelings that could never be hid.

When I saw it happening
Right before my eyes,
When she quickly shrunk
To know she feared your size.

I did not feel as distressed
When your anger was directed at me,
And I did not cry out as much
When you fought uncontrollably.

But, oh, the pain
That crumbled my insides
When I saw the shame
And out poured the tides.

I felt it then
More than anyone will probably ever know,
So pardon my chagrin when I hear 
I just need to let it go.

It is difficult, this real life,
To just move on and forget,
When all I see behind my eyes
Is a tear streaked face,
And love that it never met.


This was written as a teenager. I am now confident enough to post this. It was experiences from my youth that have made me who I am today. Parents don't realize that what they bring into the home affects their children the most. And for anyone who has experienced domestic violence, feelings of anger, or sadness, and even forgiveness are all normal and vital.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is a bit of harsher poem. Probably the harshest I have dared post from poetry I've written throughout my life. I hope in a way you can find some inspiration from it for your own battles.

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