Taming The Beast

Taming the Beast

Thoughts weighed heavily

and have for a long time,
threatening to reveal to all
the shame that was mine.

It lay hidden for years
dormant in a dark place,
untouched but still alive
it's hot breath leaving no trace.

All seemed well
to anyone looking in,
the smiles and the laughs
masked the grief from within. 

Then suddenly a room was built
and it held safety within it's walls,
and the beast was unchained
to beat it's chest and reveal it's claws.

It struck at air with panting blows
over and over until it tired,
it cried out as a river flows
continuously heaving, then sighed.

Only to tumble down in pieces 
with all it's troubles flying to the ground,
like marbles bouncing hard and fast 
and spreading it's pain all around.

Crippling emotions whipped through me
leaving me weak and scared,
and you caught me up in a warm embrace
and showed me someone cared.

And the monster snapped and snarled
one final feeble attempt to stay mad,
But the hand on my shoulder proved
there were still reasons to feel glad.

Then a calmness overtook me
giving me the serenity I've often sought,
Leaving nothing else for my grief to do
other than to respond to what it was taught:

When life has brought you sadness
More than you've ever known,
It also brings you friends
So that you never fight the beast alone.

You comforted and you listened
You made me look up when my head hung low.
Thank you, my dear dear friend
For being the very taming of my soul.

©2014 LesNspired Expressions♥️