Where I Belong

Coming into my life
bringing rages of color and sound,
And then when it is inconvenient 
my wonder is thrown upon the ground. 

I am special so very special
Once it must have been so,
And now I am just captured space 
whose value you will forego. 

I am captured by the mightiness
and the awe of a possession,
But when the sky is dark and I am alone
I wonder of the truth in my obsession. 

Do I hold the key
to unlock a secret room 
of delight and forever and being the one?
or is it that I am dancing to the music
with a false certainty
only to find myself alone when the music is done?

I am out of breath from laughing 
and stop twirling with my arms open and free.  
and I look around and find darkness
and stop short and realize. It is just me. 

Then I look down at my treasure. 
Then what is this key for?
And as I am crumbling within myself,
in a very back corner appears a door. 

An ironic laugh escapes me
because I now understand, 
I recognize this solitary door
And its key is in my hand. 

So I look around one last time
Because every heart still hopes,
and I sigh and know within myself 
that this is how it copes. 

I put the key in and turn to open, 
tears running down my face,
ah yes, this is a well known place to me. 
it holds all of my disgrace. 

I let it come out to consume
a heart already gone, 
I walk inside and disappear. 
I am where I belong.